Smooth residence permit and entry processes are significant for attracting and retaining international talent. Talent Boost measures are aimed at Finland having the world’s most effective service system for the immigration of skilled labour, one that responds to the needs of both employees and employers.

Immigrant legislation and permit procedures will be developed in the following ways, for example:

  • Implementing a comprehensive reform of the residence permit system to achieve a one-month average processing time for all work-based and education-based residence permits and a two-week fast track for specialists, growth business owners and family members. As part of the reform, foreign students will be granted residence permits for the duration of the degree programme, until completion, and the period after graduation for job-seeking purposes will be extended to two years
  • Enhancing the digitalisation of the residence permit system
  • Developing the process of identification and registration of immigrants
  • Enhancing the identification and prevention of the exploitation of foreign labour