For Finland’s ability to retain international talent, it is important for international students, researchers and workers to find jobs that correspond to their skills, make progress in their careers and feel that they are part of Finnish society.  

The retention and integration of international talent will be promoted in the following ways, for example:

  • Customer-oriented services that promote the integration, employment and entrepreneurship of international talent
  • Improving connections to working life among international students in Finland and their preparedness for employment 
  • Developing the Finnish and Swedish language proficiency of international students and providing increased opportunities for language learning to prepare international students to work in the Finnish labour market
  • Supporting engagement between international talent and companies through trainee programmes, projects, mentoring and co-creation models, for example
  • Strengthening the diversity competencies of companies and other employer organisations and their abilities to recruit people who do not speak Finnish or Swedish
  • Supporting the employment and integration of spouses and families through, for example, spouse programmes and English-language basic public services
  • Developing services relating to degree equivalence and recognition and increasing the provision of supplemented and accredited training.