Skilled professionals are becoming increasingly significant in promoting competitiveness, and there is intense global competition for them. The measures taken under the Talent Boost programme aim to improve awareness of Finland around the world and attract international talent to Finland. 

The aim is to make Finland a globally interesting and attractive country for international talent

Education-based and work-based immigration is needed in all professional groups and sectors. The immigration of skilled labour can be promoted by enhancing international awareness of Finland from the perspective of employment and career opportunities.  These efforts related to Fin-land’s image and attractiveness take place under the #FinlandWorks brand. #FinlandWorks is in line with Finland’s general country image in terms of the key messages and visual identity.

The key messages of the #FinlandWorks brand are as follows:

  • People in Finland lead the best everyday life, one that allows them to combine an interesting career with a high quality of life. Maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life has been made easy.
  • The ease of maintaining a good work-life balance provides opportunities to enjoy Finland’s unique nature, which is also present in cities.
  • Finland is home to high-quality companies. Innovation and a high level of technology expertise are built on close cooperation between companies and research institutes.
  • Finland has one of the world’s best education systems. It is open to everyone and effectively equips people with the skills needed in working life in the future.
  • Finland is a climate leader and our society is future-oriented and sustainable.
  • Finland is a safe, well-functioning and equal welfare society with a flat hierarchy.

Services that facilitate the recruitment of international talent

Timely and needs-driven international recruitment services can lower the threshold for companies and other employers to hire foreign workers. International recruitment services can be offered to help attract and recruit international talent and support their immigration and settling in, for example. 

Examples of the support measures that help attract and recruit international talent include the following:

  • An international recruitment model will be created to develop services and service paths that support companies in international recruitment.
  • The development of the Work in Finland function is currently under way in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The Work in Finland function will be created to strengthen permanent structures and customer-driven service paths related to labour migration. 
  • Active recruitment of international students on the part of higher education institutions and the development of education programmes offered in foreign languages.
  • Creating new education models with partner universities in different countries and developing education programmes that are aimed at integration and employment in Finland. 
  • Scholarship and trainee programmes aimed at international students and researchers