In addition to actors in Finland, several actors around the world promote the implementation of the Talent Boost Programme. Large network of actors around the world plays a significant role in strengthening Finland's country image.

Diplomatic missions

Diplomatic missions serve an important role as display windows for Finland around the world. They disseminate information about Finland and Finland’s country image as part of their day-to-day operations. Diplomatic missions’ communication channels can be used to disseminate information about Finland to skilled workers in the country in question. Diplomatic missions also assist in the planning and organisation of Team Finland trips and can provide support for the organisation of events targeted at international talent. With support from the Finnish National Agency for Education, diplomatic missions also promote international awareness of Finnish higher education.

Especially for workers migrating from third countries, diplomatic missions are the first point of contact with Finland. With this in mind, it is important to work together with diplomatic missions to develop communications that support the goal of attracting international talent and make international specialists feel welcome when they visit the diplomatic mission.

The Team Finland Knowledge Network

The Team Finland Knowledge network consists of nine higher education and science specialists based in Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing, Pretoria, Singapore and Washington DC. The higher education and science specialists are based at Finnish diplomatic missions. 

The Team Finland Knowledge network supports and accelerates the internationalisation of higher education and research. The objective is to promote networking with the aim of improving the quality and impact of higher education and research while also increasing cooperation with the business sector. The network also contributes to Finland’s country image as an attractive choice for students, researchers and other specialists.  Future is made in/with Finland webinar series carried out in cooperation with Business Finland, the Finnish National Agency for Education and higher education institutions are an example of cooperation opportunities abroad.

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