Talent Boost

Talent Boost is a national programme to attract international talent and promote their immigration to and integration in Finland. The aim is to increase awareness of Finland and make Finland attractive to international talent and, at the same time, improve the employment of international specialists who are already in Finland in jobs that correspond to their skills.

The Talentboost.fi website is aimed at people throughout Finland whose work is related to the immigration of international talent. The website provides information on the objectives of the Talent Boost programme and the parties involved. Best practices are also highlighted.


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null How is it to Work and Live in Finland? Find Out Through TE-live Broadcasts!

How is it to Work and Live in Finland? Find Out Through TE-live Broadcasts!

9.9.2022 | News item

TE-live has two Talent Boost -themed broadcast series coming in the fall of 2022.

Working and Living in Finland Series

Why come to work and live in Finland? What kind of country is Finland for foreigners and families, and what is there to remember when looking for work or a new career in Finland? Find the answers to these questions and many more by watching the 8 episodes of TE-live broadcasts during September and October 2022!

In each episode there will be a Finn and a foreigner telling more about their experiences on the topic. If you happen to have a question in mind for the guests you can either send it beforehand, during the episode or in the Q&A session in Linkedin! There will also be a recording of each episode available to watch afterwards.

Tune in weekly for informative and fun facts about working and living in Finland starting on September 7th at te-live.fi. 

Working and living in Finland episode 1: Why to work and live in Finland

Working in Finland as a Student - How and Why?

TE-live offers broadcasts in English also for students on why and how to look for a job already during their studies. There will be a national broadcast on this topic on September 27th as well as regional ones later from Vaasa, Lahti, Rovaniemi and Kuopio.

Links to the broadcasts will be updated to te-live.fi.

Remember also to share this information in your network and to fellow international talents!

What is TE-live?

TE-live broadcasts showcase open vacancies, opportunities for a new career and information regarding working life in Finland. It is a national employment office service where employers and their employees are interviewed about their open vacancy and viewers can ask questions via chat. Informative broadcasts are also produced from different topics. TE-live produces broadcasts mainly in Finnish, English and Swedish languages. Check out te-live.fi for more information and broadcasts.