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Talent Boost is a national programme to attract international talent and promote their immigration to and integration in Finland. The aim is to increase awareness of Finland and make Finland attractive to international talent and, at the same time, improve the employment of international specialists who are already in Finland in jobs that correspond to their skills.

The Talentboost.fi website is aimed at people throughout Finland whose work is related to the immigration of international talent. The website provides information on the objectives of the Talent Boost programme and the parties involved. Best practices are also highlighted.


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null Employer advice service for international recruitment has been launched

Employer advice service for international recruitment has been launched

26.8.2022 | News item

A new nation-wide Work in Finland international recruitment advice service for employers was launched on 16 August 2022. The advice service offers employers information, support and advice on recruiting international employees, hiring and permit processes and issues related to settling in Finland. The service is provided by telephone and email.

The advice service is available to employers in the private, public and third sectors, regardless of industry or the size of the company. The advice service helps employers who are new to international recruitment, as well as employers who already have experience in this area.

The employer advice service is available on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 12:00 at 0295 016 770. The service is free of charge, excluding calling rates specified in the caller’s subscription agreement. The service will be piloted between 16 August and 30 September 2022 with Finnish and English as the available service languages. Starting 3 October 2022, Swedish will be added to the range of service languages and the service hours will be extended.

International recruitment advice which meets the needs of companies and employers 

Employers, especially those planning their first international recruitment, often spend a lot of valuable time researching official processes and practical matters related to settling a new international employee in Finland. Practical matters related to international recruitment and the immigration of employees are divided between several public authorities, but there has not been a national advice service to bring it all together. In the 2021 international recruitment survey, the most wished-for service among employers was a centralised international recruitment advice service.

“International recruitment has been perceived as challenging by companies due to the bureaucracy associated with it” comments Work in Finland specialist Roosa Tuominen on why the advice service is needed. “Companies have felt that understanding and clarifying information has been challenging, because information is often scattered between different sources and is sometimes difficult to find. There is a lot of information and services available online related to international recruitment but making use of them and developing a broader understanding takes time.”

Get help to understand the bigger picture – you don’t need to know or figure everything out yourself

The aim of the employer advice service is to make international recruitment easier for employers by offering individualised and practical advice. “You don't need to know everything or go searching for that information yourself. We help employers to understand the whole process and we go through it together, one step at a time”, says Work in Finland specialist Harry Berg

“Thorough groundwork and good planning are the prerequisites for a successful international recruitment, including the new employee’s arrival and settling in Finland. It is very important that the new employee has a positive start to their new life in Finland. A smooth immigration experience makes Finland more attractive to international talent and helps with their retention and integration in Finland. We help employers anticipate and plan for the different stages of recruitment and, for example, advise them on how to achieve the desired end result as quickly and smoothly as possible”, says Work in Finland specialist Laura Pajari-Xiang

The employer advice service can answer questions such as:

  • What should I take into account when hiring a foreign employee?
  • At which stage of the international recruitment process should the possible recognition of professional qualifications happen? How are responsibilities and measures divided between the employer and the employee?
  • When does an international employee need a visa, residence permit or registration of an EU citizen’s right of residence?
  • Where can I get help for finding and recruiting potential employees?
  • How can I streamline the initial stages of an employee moving to Finland?

The service is provided by international recruitment specialists who have received training from ten authorities related to international recruitment. The specialists have the ability to provide comprehensive and cross-administrative advice on general issues related to international recruitment. In situations requiring special expertise, the specialists refer employers to the correct authorities. The service has been developed in extensive cooperation between authorities and networks right from the start.

The advice service for employers is one of the many measures that Finland is taking to streamline the immigration of international talent. The service is part of the national Talent Boost programme and the new Work in Finland function that crosses organisational boundaries, the preparation of which is led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The advice service is funded by the ELY Centre for North Savo.  

Opening hours and contact details
Mon-Fri 9:00-12:00 (from 3 October Mon-Fri 9:00-15:00)
0295 016 770
[email protected] 

Further information:
Harry Berg
Specialist, Work in Finland
0295 040 439

Laura Pajari-Xiang 
Specialist, Work in Finland
0295 040 694

Roosa Tuominen
Specialist, Work in Finland
0295 025 643