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The national Talent Boost Summit focused on the internationalisation of working life will be held in Vaasa on November 22

18.11.2022 | News item

Talent Boost Summit is a national event for companies and stakeholders that will be held for the fifth time this year. This is an event focusing on the recruitment of international workforce and the development of diverse work communities. Its focus is on good practices and available services.

The annual Talent Boost Summit brings people together around international working life issues, this autumn in Vaasa. The event is based on the national Talent Boost programme, which promotes the attraction, immigration and establishment of international talents in Finland. The event at Åbo Akademi University’s facility will include interesting speakers, an international atmosphere, and networking with companies and experts in the field. There have been 300 in-person registrations, and more than 200 remote participants will follow the event online.

- Talent Boost Summit brings together an extensive network of actors from different parts of society. A well-functioning network is indeed necessary to bring international talents to Finland and make them feel at home here, says Chief Specialist Katri Niskanen from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. 

The programme includes experiences of internationality from many perspectives

Talent Boost Summit is an excellent opportunity for the participants to get the best of the services available for international recruitment and the development of diverse work communities. In addition, the participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how traction and holding power factors will be developed from the perspective of the whole of Finland, its regions and individual municipalities.

- Finland has 309 municipalities, and the smallest city is Kaskinen with 1,200 inhabitants and the biggest is Helsinki with over 650,000 inhabitants. We wish to highlight how many different regions and municipalities there are in Finland. They share shortage of labour and the goal of taking measures to strengthen competitiveness and vitality. Companies need the public sector to secure the availability of labour, and municipalities need successful companies to promote their vitality, says event coordinator Anna Korsbäck.

The programme will include examples of international recruitment in the care sector from Satakunta and the South Karelia campaign, which attracted talents from Asia in the Green Tech sector. Experiences of employment and integration in Finland will also be heard from international talents themselves. The day will end with a panel discussion, which will focus on the core theme of the event: Holding power and co-operation behind it. 

The event is aimed at all companies, employers, international talents and other stakeholders interested in the topic. Participants are also expected from the public sector, educational institutions, as well as municipalities and cities. The organisers of the event are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Business Finland, Empower Wednesday programme (City of Turku, Turku Business Region, International Working Women of Finland), the Kokka kohti Suomea project (an integration project, ELY Centre for Southwest Finland, ESF), the ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia and the TE Services for Ostrobothnia.

More information:
Anna Korsbäck, [email protected], 0295056226

Talent Boost Summit 2022


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